The People of Ferguson Missouri: Whose responsibility is it to change?

I suppose I might not have such a positive attitude towards police if every time I committed a burglary, robbed a pedestrian, or grabbed a handful of cigars and manhandled a store clerk, the police arrested me.  Further, my mother, assuming I were a young man, might not be too happy with the police either.  You do not have to be a genius to recognize that mothers who protect children at all costs, even when it is the child who is wrong, are not necessarily acting in the child’s best interest.

Since Michael Brown was shot in Missouri there have been four law enforcement officers shot that I am aware of.  Two in Pennsylvania and two in Monroe County, Georgia.  It is a dangerous world out there for law enforcement yet some — most notably those in Missouri along with the usual liberal Kabul — seem to think it is the purpose of police to politely ask their children not to be violent or commit serious crime. 

So who is to change?  If you listen to some it is solely the police and every other white person who believes in law and order who is to change.  Lord knows there are those who will eternally believe no child, in particular a black child, is ever wrong or capable of a felonious act.  Their children after all are simply of genius caliber even though they do possess an IQ of 65.  It is after all such a racist test this IQ measurement thing.

Well, perhaps Affirmative Action has just not spread deep  into America where one’s ability to perform a task is never part of the hiring process.  Ho hum.



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