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Uncomfirmed Michael Brown (Ferguson) Juvenile Criminal Record

It seems that the autopsy that was released to St. Louis media is not the only leak concerning Michael Brown.  From within the St. Louis County Juvenile Records Office it has been leaked that Michael Brown was charged as a … Continue reading

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Michael Brown Autopsy in PDF

At last, some sense of responsibility to allow the public to see the autopsy of Michael Brown.   5447202ea9b4e

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These Will Be Times Remembered

I so often laugh at liberals that I no longer recall individual events that sparked my laughter. You take these times. Liberals are moving America to a time when there will be few active police forces and those that do … Continue reading

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CDC and Ebola in the U.S.

Let me say this to get it out and go from there: The leadership of the Centers for Disease Control do not care one damn bit how many Americans die from Ebola. Their focus is on Africa and Africans. Not … Continue reading

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Three Trees and St. Louis (and other) Clergy

One of my more often listened to songs in recent days has the words, “He who lives in me is stronger than he who is in the world.”  This is however what clergy who assembled in St. Louis, Missouri today … Continue reading

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