Three Trees and St. Louis (and other) Clergy

One of my more often listened to songs in recent days has the words, “He who lives in me is stronger than he who is in the world.”  This is however what clergy who assembled in St. Louis, Missouri today are saying in essence, “it is ok for a teen of 18 years of age to fire three 9mm pistol rounds at a police officer and expect not to receive return fire — solely because said teen is black.”  Further these clergy want to dismantle all forms of “law & order,” so that under any circumstance, a Caucasian or white police officer cannot draw his weapon and fire upon a black male. 

The challenge to all law abiding Americans — black, red, brown, or white — is to understand America cannot allow young men of any race to roam the streets, assault police officers, and feel they can draw weapons and fire upon police officers and we citizens at will.  It doesn’t take a genius to understand this.  The day has come when the protest and riots of this type person must be met with equal and profound force. 

When Christ was crucified there were three trees and three men that day.  All three died, only one arose.  One met Christ in Heaven.  One met satan in hell.  Christ did not release Himself or the other two from the grip of Roman soldiers.  We as Christians can reason that fairly easily.  It is however unfortunate that we stand beside — and that may not be true — clergy in St. Louis who deride a legal system because a armed officer of the courts shot and killed an 18 year old who had fired upon him.  As to Michael Brown, we will yet see the evidence of his alleged assault of Officer Darren Wilson. 

You can walk the halls, offices, and work places throughout America and hear conversation of Michael Brown.  Most of the time what you will notice is that those who have already decided Officer Wilson’s guilt are either black and liberal or simply a white liberal.  Officer Wilson may yet be indicted although my opinion is unless those in Ferguson suddenly swell to hundreds of millions in number and approve of murder themselves, it will not occur.  Come to think of it, thee folk already approve of murder.  They wanted a murderer in Georgia who killed a Savannah Georgia police officer exonerated and released.  They appear not to mind murder as much as they claim as long as it is not murder of a fellow liberal.  🙂 

My advice to my readers is you watch your surroundings and go armed when possible.  We all know there is no such thing as a black teenage mob problem in American.  Why those young folks bouncing that white man’s head off the pavement were just “free young good natured black teens” having fun.  The law is on your side when attacked.  Now that and use it.  Don’t miss and make sure your firepower stops that fun permanently.  Who knows, you may yet be attached by liberal clergy and have the opportunity to send them to their master, just not the one on top side known as God.








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