These Will Be Times Remembered

I so often laugh at liberals that I no longer recall individual events that sparked my laughter. You take these times. Liberals are moving America to a time when there will be few active police forces and those that do remain will be entirely staffed by African-Americans.  Who else would be dumb enough to allow thugs such as Vonderitt Myers to fire at them with a 9 mm semi-auto pistol and not return fire?  (And yes I know the spell checker will not find that name in the WordPress dictionary.)  On the other hand perhaps Al Sharpton would better serve us as a St. Louis County police officer and out his ass out there to catch the shots.  I would be the first to remind him that “sam-a-chez” held in a teenagers hand do not discharge 9mm caliber projectiles.  🙂

I think something is afoot here however that we who are conservative need to give thanks for to those whom thanks is owed.  While African-Americans are well known for their ability to riot, white folks have remained relatively calm, but I do believe the breaking point is nearing.  When that hell breaks loose it is going to blight the face of every damn liberal and their respective thugs that ever walked this earth.

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