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The look was described as “ghetto.”

James Dean may have been many things but he was nor “ghetto.” It is possible that James Dean had what is called a “unibrow” prior to trimming, but ghetto he was not.  The modern expectation perhaps looks more like this:  … Continue reading

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Death at the hands of police

In 2013 there were 461 people killed by police.  Of these, only 96 were killed by “white” police officers. It seems that back-folk killing black-folk may very well extend to local police forces.  Also be aware that many Hispanic police … Continue reading

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New York Times

When the St. Louis County Grand Jury chose not to indict Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown, the New York Times published information detailing the street on which Wilson resides as well as information in regards to Wilson’s … Continue reading

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Michael Brown and Liberal Witnesses

Comments on the St. Louis County Grand Jury Transcripts: Reading the witness interviews provides a revealing window into the grand jury’s investigation. What could a witness see while positioned a “few blocks” away from the incident, as in the case … Continue reading

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Cartoon of the Day: Ferguson Riots Explained

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