Michael Brown and Liberal Witnesses

Comments on the St. Louis County Grand Jury Transcripts:

  • Reading the witness interviews provides a revealing window into the grand jury’s investigation. What could a witness see while positioned a “few blocks” away from the incident, as in the case of Witness 30?  This witness said Michael Brown was running away when fired upon by Darren Wilson.
  • Several witnesses were interviewed more than once. “In subsequent interviews with law enforcement, or their testimony before the grand jury, many of the same witnesses acknowledged that they didn’t actually see the shooting.” “Some were running for cover. Some were relating what they heard from others or as I said, what they assumed happened.” But many witnesses held steadfast to their interviews. “Several other witnesses maintained their original statement that Mr. Brown had his hands in the air and was not moving toward the officer when he was shot.”
  • Some witnesses called it a tussle. Others described it as a tug-of-war. Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson testified that they were fighting over his handgun.
  • Wilson blamed it on Brown, saying the teenager reached through his driver’s side window, hit him in the face, called him a “pussy” and grabbed his gun. Wilson told the grand jury that he pulled the trigger twice in his own defense, but no shots went off.  [This is the most interesting comment by Wilson.  Had he been hit so hard by Brown that he did not realize the gun had fired.  One projectile or bullet was found embedded in the interior of the car.]  Wilson however later states, “At this point I’m like, why isn’t this working? This guy is going to kill me if he gets ahold of this gun. I pulled it a third time, it goes off.”
  • Wilson had just wrapped up a call about a sick child. Brown had just stolen a pack of cigarillos from a convenience store. Wilson spotted Brown and a friend walking down the center of a residential street, and told them to move aside. They refused, and Brown responded with an expletive.

    That was the moment when Wilson said he realized Brown matched the description of the robbery suspect, and decided to confront the young men singlehandedly, backing up his vehicle to block Brown’s path.

    What happened next was witnessed by people in at least two passing vehicles and residents watching from the porches and balconies of nearby apartment buildings. They told their accounts either directly to grand jurors or to FBI interviewers, whose recordings were played for the jury. Wilson and Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, also recounted their versions of the struggle, sometimes with conflicting details.

  • Many of the eyewitnesses from the nearby buildings were older, had never been interviewed by the news media in the months since the shooting, and accused younger residents of circulating false stories about Brown having been shot while lying defenseless on the ground.
  • “I don’t know if he had grabbed him or what, but you could see them tussling in the car, they were moving around,” said a witness watching from a porch whose taped interview was played for grand jurors. Though Brown was on the outside of the vehicle, his hands appeared to be inside it, the witness said.

    It was “just like some kind of tug of war or something was going on,” the witness said.

  • A passing driver told the FBI that it appeared as though Brown’s head was poking through the vehicle’s window. The driver couldn’t see the officer’s hands, “But I did see a wrestle … like a tussle back and forth.”
  • Another motorist also described them grappling.  “The young man was standing outside the window and the police inside the window. And he had ahold of the young man, and the young man had ahold of him, and they are struggling with one another,” the motorist said. “I saw Michael punching a couple times through the window.”  [Something that is folks a felony.  From that point forward the officer is authorized to use deadly force to stop the felon.  Of course, liberals want that to not be the case.  I often pray thugs bring it home to them first hand.]
  • Further,  Wilson testified that at that moment, he was thinking: “What do I do not to get beaten inside my car?”

    “I drew my gun,” Wilson told the grand jury. “I said, “Get back or I’m going to shoot you.”

    “He immediately grabs my gun and says, ‘You are too much of a pussy to shoot me,'” Wilson added.

    The officer said he felt the gun twisting down on his hip, “and that point I thought I was getting shot.”

CJ:  It is sad that there are eighteen year olds in America like this and sadder still that their parents defend the thuggery.

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