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Quote and Thought of the Day

cj — Found on the Internet and true for this season: People who lack appreciation for others’ kindness — or worse, purposefully take advantage of it — can give even the kindest among us reason to pause. If someone is … Continue reading

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Update: Reglan Induced Anxiety

I am now eleven days out since my last dose of Reglan.  My symptoms of anxiety have abated where it is only for brief periods that I feel anxious.  These periods come after fairly intense interaction with others and periods … Continue reading

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Is Racism and Sexism Real?

You better believe racism and sexism is real.  I recently heard a fair white red headed female employee of the Provost’s Office of a major U.S. University shriek that she was considering leaving the Provost’s Office because “they had recently … Continue reading

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Update on Reglan Induced Anxiety

I am in my fifth day off Reglan.  On my second day I was able to end usage of Xanax by mid-day, having taken a morning dose of a twice daily dose.  Today, on my fifth day, I have had … Continue reading

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Problem with Liberalism Personified

The text below is copied from a post.  The text in Italics was a response to the origin thread post of a video showing Christmas lights used at a home.  The display likely cost $1,000 or more to purchase. … Continue reading

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Reglan (Metoclopramide) Clearing

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration as well as other medical/research organizations have reported that in infants ages of approximately 4 weeks to 5 months show 2-fold higher mean peak plasma concentrations after the 10th dose of metoclopramide. Although this … Continue reading

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On Reglan and Anxiety

I received an extreme surprise last week when I increased the dosage of Reglan or metoclopramide I had been prescribed induced extreme anxiety.  What has been even more surprising is that the anxiety did not immediately clear after stopping Reglan.  … Continue reading

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