On Reglan and Anxiety

I received an extreme surprise last week when I increased the dosage of Reglan or metoclopramide I had been prescribed induced extreme anxiety.  What has been even more surprising is that the anxiety did not immediately clear after stopping Reglan.  The anxiety, feeling of being “hot,” and general inability to focus has lasted for several days since stopping Reglan.

I have experienced intermediate anxiety previously that displays in the form of not being able to settle down when trying to sleep.  Years ago I took Buspar on an intermediate basis for this form of anxiety when it occurred.  Later, being diabetic and needing to remain alert to low blood sugar when sleeping — something Buspar prevented — I moved to Lexapro.  This too is taken only for short periods and unlike what the doc says that, “it will take a week or so for this to become effective,” that is not what I have experienced and in fact though I can lie in bed after a dose of Lexapro I sleep on and off, waking throughout the night.  This settles as the days pass on Lexapro.

Lexapro, like most SSRIs affects sexual activity. The longer the period one is on Lexapro the lesser the sexual affect.  This is not however consistent in that stress and level of rest also determine whether Lexapro affects your sexual ability.

This brings me to a comment on the medical profession, particular Medical Doctors.  Though educated, some doctors simply don’t know their butt-hole from the mouth because THEY WILL NOT LISTEN TO A PATIENTS LEGIMATE EXPERIECNES WITH MEDICATIONS.  They are after all, the arrogant ones at least, “the experts.”  Note I capitalized ‘Medical Doctors’ but not ‘the experts.’  Using a scientific (e.g. probabilistic) monitored study of 500 people coming to the conclusion that Lexapro has no effect short-term to write in stone that conclusion DOES NOT account for all affects of the drug.  Yes, probability does indicate that the affect for most people takes time, but an affect does and can appear in some people. 

Ergo Reglan.  In my case it forced a biological response of anxiety not unlike what I have previously experienced.  Whether Reglan has adsorbed into brain tissue and continues to force anxiety or whether it has triggered some change at the molecular level I do not know.  What I can say with certainty is that its affect has lasted for several days from the day I noticed something very different in my mood and behavior.

If your doctor suggests Reglan, and I in my case requested it, perform research using that wonderful tool named the Internet and read experiences of others before proceeding with caution.  If you are taking Reglan for GERD (reflux disease) I would consider an alternative as Reglan’s propagation of anxiety tends to follow a course of additive dosing leading to the anxiety, thus my comment of it either building somewhere in the nervous system or altering body chemistry, i.e., your biology.



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