Problem with Liberalism Personified

The text below is copied from a post.  The text in Italics was a response to the origin thread post of a video showing Christmas lights used at a home.  The display likely cost $1,000 or more to purchase.

The reply is from HotJoe, the ultimate Liberal.  HotJoe always wants to use the force of government to control individually choices.  One could say he supports Obama Care across all aspects of life.  He thinks government should require you to feed and care for the homeless in a never-ending stream of your income BEFORE you purchase Christmas lights.


“TckrGuys saidWe have the Bliss light in blue. We are shining it on the front of the house. The problem is one is not enough, you need 2 or 3 to get the effect you see in the videos. Home Depot sells them for about $199 on their website and you can have it shipped to the store to avoid shipping charges.”

Are you saying that it would take $600 to get that effect?

No wonder Charlie Brown said commercialism was ruining Christmas. We should be feeding and sheltering the homeless this time of year first, and then decorating after that.

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