Update on Reglan Induced Anxiety

I am in my fifth day off Reglan.  On my second day I was able to end usage of Xanax by mid-day, having taken a morning dose of a twice daily dose.  Today, on my fifth day, I have had mild anxiety that developed during a very stressful afternoon of meetings.  Based on my experience those that say it takes two weeks to recover from Reglan induced anxiety seem to be on the mark.  I’m far from normal as yet. 

I have new empathy for those who suffer from anxiety.  You are in my prayers as this condition is in no way fun.  For those of you who are Atheist, though you likely do not appreciate my prayer, let’s just say you are in my thoughts.  This has been a remarkable experience, one that I have learned by being forthright and telling to others, that they share, though not from Reglan induced anxiety but anxiety in general. 

I will try and update this blog topic again soon. 

— CJ



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