Is Racism and Sexism Real?

You better believe racism and sexism is real.  I recently heard a fair white red headed female employee of the Provost’s Office of a major U.S. University shriek that she was considering leaving the Provost’s Office because “they had recently hired five tall brunette and white women.”  She claimed what the office needed — that it had had in the past — were more black folk.  God forbid a university hire qualified persons who may be white, even though in this case the university confirmed its prejudice against the plain old white male.

It is F—ing ridiculous I think that this nation has so screwed itself that anyone hired at a major university has to be:

1.  liberal as hell;

2.  female who is most often a supposed minority;

3.  and definitely not a conservative male.

And Liberals wonder what happened to them in November 2014?  I have had quite enough as have many.


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