A Rare Check-in to ConservativeJock

I am sure that somewhere on this site I had stated that ConservativeJock came to pass in response to the liberal trashy blather on the gay web site:  RealJock.  It is funny that today I see as many visits to ConservativeJock in a month as there are members in today’s RealJock.  The latter site has changed and now has a few moderated forums.  Let’s hope the new admins or owners clip all the blasting of liberal trash voices ruining what could have been a great site.

Since my last visit not much has changed.  Barack Obama continues his behavior as “Nigger and Chief” in America having earned the title in the eyes of both black and white folk.  I think brown folk have no idea what to think, though they do frequently love the fact they can stroll in and out of America carrying food purchased with food stamps back to Mexico.

Alas, the world is headed down.


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