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Church Woman the Family Provider

It should be known that Conservativejock thinks the world of Church Woman, even with her many imperfections.  Lol.  You see, Church woman, is an example of what God can bring to women such as Hoochie Mama who was introduced in … Continue reading

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Hoochie Mama’s Family Reunion

First, from the slang dictionary a Hoochie Mama is a female with low morals and/or a female who dresses in gaudy, tight clothing.  Willa, our Hoochie Mama, passed some three years ago but her nine children had a family reunion … Continue reading

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The Bag Lady is foiled again.

You may know her.  The Bag Lady.  She is dependent on many in order to work her craft.  She walks with the assistance of walking cane, having difficulty walking on knees that carry 350 pounds.  She is addicted to narcotic pain … Continue reading

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Progress Report on American Disintegration

Congratulations are due to both Republican and Democrat on the progress made in bringing America into its full Socialist era.  The percentage of GDP collected and spent by federal government is at an all time high and not expected to … Continue reading

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