Hoochie Mama’s Family Reunion

First, from the slang dictionary a Hoochie Mama is a female with low morals and/or a female who dresses in gaudy, tight clothing.  Willa, our Hoochie Mama, passed some three years ago but her nine children had a family reunion yesterday.  Only one of the nine did not make an appearance and it is reported no fights broke out.  There had been an ongoing argument in regards to some collecting Hoochie Mama’s life insurance while some others actually paid Hoochie Mama’s funeral bill.  A related person of Hoochie Mama’s generation had purchased the burial site some years ago, at the direction of the mother of two of Hoochie Mama’s men.  We think two brothers — one who actually married Hoochie Mama — fathered six of the nine children.  Perhaps Hoochie Mama was Catholic, as birth control rarely came into play with several of her accomplishments not surviving to birth or offing themselves at some young age.  A wild psychiatric streak runs through all surrounding Hoochie Mama with the fourth generation now seeing jail time and paranoid schizophrenia.   There have been reunions at the local jail before this public reunion yesterday.

Willa worked along with an accomplish to deeds of Stardom with Nub.  They went as Willa and Nub.  Many local men past the age of 60 know when well.  Nub received her name because she lost an arm at a tender age.  It has been told she could perform remarkable feats for a woman missing an arm.  However, she was much better at her craft when she worked with Willa in tandem.  Unfortunately Nub passed many years before Willa before she turned to witchcraft and the selling of narcotics.

One of Willa’s sons is kept by Bag Lady who was introduced last week.  The local community is perhaps blessed that Bag Lady has never produced offspring.  Willa’s son the live in however has made up for that lacking by now producing Willa’s fifth generation of low life jail birds, murderers, and assorted white woman who only lay on the hood of a car on 6 foot high wheels for black men.  This most recent generation is succeeding well by using the black man’s violent streak along with the intelligence of the white man.  The local jail has had to construct special padded cells to contain them.

Genetics is a remarkable thing you know.  It only provides improvement.




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