chimpThis blog is a follow-on to two sites on which I have spent some time over the last year or so.  The first site is RealJock.com (RJ), that haven predominated by the gay socialist.  The second site grew out of a need on RealJock.com where conservative gay men could gather to discuss issues without the drone of the socialist morons who populate RJ.  The latter site proved to be a dud.

Why?  I do not consider those who support rent control, a living wage, etc as conservative.  Furthermore, I am not too keen on individuals who attack one for acheiving much in life, “because so many are unemployed right now.”  Perhaps if they had lived a true conservative life they would have been prepared for unemployment having not lived a life beyond their means leading up to unemployment.

It’s perhaps easiest to start this off by defining what I am not.

I am decidely not a bleeding heart liberal who believes it is my purpose in life to take from (loot) productive people via the force of government and redistribute personal property, in whatever form it may reside, to anyone.  (More elsewhere on the fact money/cash is property.)  Should you choose to do so, that is your choice and that choice should be an individual choice not forced by our so-called “collective society.”

I am wealthier than many.  Am I on the Forbes 400 list?  No.  I think the Forbes 400 list is an extremely tacky thing where one has to expose assets publicly in order to be listed.  Do I hide wealth?  Not if you are referring to my Rolls and new Porsche 911 GT2 RS, the later of which I was attacked for on two other sites:  RealJock.com and the aforementioned conservativejock RJ retreat..  I will post blog entries concerning both of these sites.

While I do not believe any nation can fully implement what many are now calling a Randian economic system, I am a firm believer in those economic principals espoused by Ayn Rand and those closest to Ayn.  I think these principals are at the core of the Tea Party movement.  To me, this is true

Have intellectual fun on my blog.  It is moderated, so no trashy liberal posts will remain….for long.

6 Responses to About

  1. Andy Nguyen says:

    anything on gays?

  2. Andy:

    I must admit my focus in life is typically not on the fact I am a gay man. You will find comments on conservativejock that I make primarily in regards to the cohort of liberal gay men on the website: RealJock.com. If there is a true definition of a Leftist, most of these guys fit the definition rather well.

    Sorry for being so slow to reply. I am overwhelmed with negative comments on the Trayvon Martin case. I enjoy comments, but not attacks.

  3. I had no idea that this site was “for the gay male” when I initially found it. I still don’t believe that to be necessarily true. I am a 38 year old “straight” male that is a single father of two(with full custody) in a technical field and I absolutely love this site. I think the content is great and put together really well. I particularly like the ease with which I can find content and the objective\fair way in which it is presented. The house plans are pretty wonderful, too! I think this site is for “the reasonable\mature man” or I’m gay and just don’t know it as of yet. In all seriousness, keep up the good “work”.

  4. George:

    As I stated to someone yesterday who made a similar comment I had actually not added a category for gay men until yesterday. I can say that I am not the typical liberal gay man. For those guys, all of life is being gay. The so called “Gay Agenda” is a left of liberal agenda.

    I’m glad you have enjoyed the site. I do often have time constraints, but I will try and braoden the site more. I’ve been so spun up concerning this Trayvon Martin Sainthood Crusade that little else has filtered onto the site other than information related to the case.

    Take care,


  5. Scott Barry says:

    CJ, you’re the man. It can be very difficult to find like-minded individuals with intelligent opinions who are able to transcend their sexuality as their sole identity, but you are that man. Speaking with Bernie Goldberg once, he aptly referred to me as “a Republican who happens to be a homosexual, not the other way around.” Very refreshing to find someone with similar, if not identical, POVs as mine.

    ps – Don’t take any flack on Trayvon Martin. For Christ’s sake, the kid’s parents went on a victimization publicity tour before his body was cold. I’m waiting for the posters that claim, “TRAYVON DIED FOR WHITE PEOPLE’S SINS.”

  6. Thanks Scott. Take care.


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