Antisocial Personality Disorder

I have on occasion chuckled when someone’s reply to my comment “you are acting antisocial” was met with a reply similar to “No I’m not, I am a social person.  I have lots of friends.” 

Little do they understand that traits that define Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) include aggression, violence, lying, stealing, etc.   APD is a psychopathy known remarkably well in prisons and jails.  (And by “not-guilty” defendants such as Troy Anthony Davis.) 

Perhaps our Attorney General will diagnose himself when he reviews his testimony before Congress.

A Rather Odd Experience

I had forgotten that I had constructed a page specifically related to anti-social personality disorder.  Having loaded the homepage of this blog a few minutes ago I managed to look at the menu bat of my own blog.  Amazing.  Lol.

I thought this an excellent place to relate a story of an experience a couple of weeks ago related to a gentleman who attends my church.   I’ll rfer to him as John Doe or John here.

Within our little church that sits almost in the center of a nearly 200 year old city all of the people who attend the church know John.  John makes it well known he draws Social Security Disability (SSDI) and constantly complains of running outr of medicine.  Even though our group knows  John  draws Medicaid and has zero copay on drugs, John continues to insist he has copays and cannot afford his medications.  (John by the way knows we know he pays no copay.)

On occasion John will fire up in a service as to what the government is not doing for him and what the “government owes him.”  That’s ok, we know John.  His life has been spent in an entitled world and there he remains.  He is one of us.

Occasionally John will tell a story of how he injured his back and subsequently qualified for SSDI.  His story does tend to vary a great deal, sometimes telling of injury while working and other times injury by being robbed and beaten.  There has also been a story of being struck by a car. 

Reality is John qualified for SSDI because he is mentally incapable of conducting the elements of life much beyond the front door of his Section 8 home.  He does not drive.  He barely reads. 

Ok.  That’s not a big deal.  But on one particular evening John behavior was very erratic.  He was in church early and let language fly one would typical expect in an Afro Rap song.  He further continued and stated “the Lord should just take me, I’ve lived in hell for six months.”

His behavior became so volatile that people moved away from him and the church began to empty.  He was in effect in crisis.  Mental crisis.

It became obvious to me that John likely had been prescribed Haldol, Ellaville or similar anti-psychotic.  When he next appeared in church his mood had shifted.  He was still snappy towards some members, but the difference was he no longer appeared to be in a major psychotic episode.

Sometimes we return harsh interaction from individuals such as John full barrel.  Notice people around you.  Know when behavior is due to medication/drugs or lack thereof.  Your life just might depend upon it.


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