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GT Guns, Inc.

In the not too distant future you will be able to visit your local gun retailer (Maybe not in California as I’m not sure I can tolerate the place.) and purchase a new 1911A1 style semi-automatic pistol made by GT … Continue reading

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Jar Head Visits the Veterinarian

We are in wonderful Georgia today.  Woo Hoo!!!!  Jar Head, my English Bulldog was due for his annual checkup and we flew up late last night so he could see his lifelong vet.  Jar Head loves to fly with me … Continue reading

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10mm Auto

I have been a 10 mm fan for a very long time.  Of the several 10 mm’s I own, all are Glocks.  I do have a Kimber 1911 pattern 10 mm on order, but alas, only Glock seems to be a true … Continue reading

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Tactical Training: The more athletic your attacker, the harder he will be to stop.

If you are attacked in your home or on the street, there are three major determinates as to your success in being able to defend yourself.  These are: 1)  Is your assailant armed; 2) is your assailant athletic in stature; and … Continue reading

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Stainless Target II

Woo-Hoo!!! The long awaited Target II in 10mm has arrived. It would be ignorant for me to believe my visitors don’t expect a conservative guy to be anti-gun.  I am most decidedly not.  In fact, I pumped dollars into ensuring … Continue reading

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Firearms in Stochastic Systems

There is much debate in the hundreds of firearms forums scattered across the globe in regards to the effectiveness of this or that firearm or particular caliber.  These discussions venture deeper on occasion touching technologies such as bullet design, bullet weight, … Continue reading

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Damnit Where is My Kimber

Ok.  Rant over.  I apologize Kimber workers and owners.  I promise I will try and be more patient.

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