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Rifle Bedding, Weapons Accidents, and Other Items

First things first here. When I say “weapons accident” I am not speaking of an unintentional discharge or the type accident we saw in Arizona where a 9 year old shot an instructor.   Instead I am primarily speaking of case … Continue reading

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The Latest in Hydrostatic Bullet Design

The image below is of a Cape Buffalo shoulder.  This is the point of impact.  Really.  The bullet travelled the length of the animal and broke the rear hip. As most of my readers know, I’m absolutely not a fan … Continue reading

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Remington 700 XCR II in 375 RUM

Let me post a load data/performance chart first, because I’m going to use this is my discussion.   What intrigues me is that first row of data using a Speer 235 grain bullet and 24.0 grains of No. 2400 powder.  … Continue reading

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