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We can’t have this ….

“We can’t have this,” said Capt. Ronald S. Johnson, the Highway Patrol official, who stood near a table that held two guns and a Molotov cocktail that had been seized. “We do not want to lose another life.”  There must … Continue reading

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The Tales of Jo Jo: Episode One

Jo Jo is now five. He does not know his mother. Shortly after his birth she was arrested for burglary. In the ‘no-time to serve’ penal system, she was soon released and subsequently arrested for prostitution.  Two more burglary arrests … Continue reading

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Robber Shoots Hotel Clerk/Self; Robber Dies on Scene

In the video you see both clerk and robber fall.  The robber had apparently performed some modifications to his weapon.  Unfortunately, the robber was never a gunsmith and lost that chance near the end of this video.

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White Bitches and Niggers

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Dealing with Affirmative Action Co-workers

I am extraordinarily limited in my first hand experience with Affirmative Action coworkers as for 99% of my working life I have had zero Affirmative Action coworkers.  Where I am touched by the influence of Affirmative Action (AA) hires is … Continue reading

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Michael Filozof on Trayvon Martin

cj — While Angela Corey was standing in the ‘Pulpit of the Media’ extolling the virtues of one Trayvon Martin and his family, a quiet discerning calm was settling over those Americans who understand that Florida Governor Rick Scott was … Continue reading

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Something About Traygone

“Trey gone,” that is all Ms. Prissie of Gone With the Wind fame would be able to say.  There was something in the press yesterday about Trayvon, I didn’t read the detail, but apparently the Sanford Police had taped the … Continue reading

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Now if she were in Florida ……

Governor Rick Scott and his appointed Hench-Lady, Ms. Corey, would prosecute this fine Southern Woman.  (I assume both Scott and Corey are transplanted Yankees with liberal New York blood in them.) From This Macon, Georgia grandma should be dead … Continue reading

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Barack Obama

There are times that I just love Barack Obama.  Right now is one of those times.  Mr. Obama has taken the condom off in his affair with Liberal Gay America and is ‘barebacking’ his way to what he thinks will be … Continue reading

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Adequate Affirmative Action Description

Affirmative action involves the steps employers must take to include minorities, women, people with disabilities and veterans into the workforce. These steps include training programs as well as educational and outreach efforts that target underrepresented populations. The purpose of affirmative … Continue reading

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