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Modern African Nation: this is what Barack Obama envisions for America.

– cj  Lifted from (Note:  I attempted to format this but remember we are delaing with a South African.) Travel tips: I recommend you buy your own car to get around. The public transport system is unreliable. There are … Continue reading

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Man and Man or Ape and Ape, Oh My!!

           We no longer need to rely on morphology, to distinguish between different species. DNA analyses can be used to determine the genetic difference between populations, a better way to classify species. While this has not yet been done, a less … Continue reading

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Systems Engineering and Dr. Chris Luke

 — Dr. Luke: Probably the most striking recent comment in recent coverage of the ever-worsening problem of Somali piracy was that by a BBC World Service expert who observed that the pirates “had no fear of dying” whatsoever. The expert … Continue reading

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You can’t find a speechless Liberal.

Hell, they will drool and babble in a last effort attempt to speak the last word. Such is not the case when it comes to Computational Genomics.  This could be caused by the fact that Liberals know nothing of computation.  … Continue reading

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UFC’s Nick Ring rushes to rescue of couple being mugged in Calgary: Poor Canada. They have them too.

     A group of Calgary teenagers picked the wrong time to start a fight. UFC middleweight Nick Ring, who will meet Court McGee on July 21 at UFC 149 in Calgary, witnessed a group of teens beating up two … Continue reading

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Our Future Pilot: Trayvon Martin

There is a degree of both fantasy and illogic in the African-American mind.  Why do I say that?  Look no further than Trayvon Martin and his parents.  Here the parents think this is the sweetest most brilliant young man God … Continue reading

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A Genetic Anomaly in Greece?

Something must explain the rather African behavior of Greeks these days.  What has occurred in Greece to bring a nation to the point that it is so ineffective in providing for its’ needs that it resembles Somalia?

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