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America? Not Yet.

As Donald Trump was ushered in as the President of the U.S. I fielded quite a few questions from friends who know I’m a U.S. ex-pat as to whether I thought it was time to re-enter the U.S. markets.  My … Continue reading

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The Bag Lady is foiled again.

You may know her.  The Bag Lady.  She is dependent on many in order to work her craft.  She walks with the assistance of walking cane, having difficulty walking on knees that carry 350 pounds.  She is addicted to narcotic pain … Continue reading

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America had a Nazi leader. His name was George Bush

America continues to have a Nazi leader.  His name is Barack Obama. An article below from the Washington Post. _________________________________________________ German leader calls Obama about alleged cellphone tapping BERLIN — Furious German officials said Wednesday that U.S. intelligence agencies may … Continue reading

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Restitution for Slavery: From a Safe Distance

I must say that I cannot, for the life of me, understand why any white American would oppose paying African-Americans restitution payments for slavery.  Granted many African-Americans cannot trace their ancestry to slaves of the antebellum period, as the influx … Continue reading

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Thirteen killed at Navy Shipyard by a crazy person (and William Jefferson Clinton, with assistance from Geoprge W. Bush and Barack Obama)

cj — The commentary below was copied from  In the commentary the author places culpability for the death toll at the Navy Yard on the perpetrator and individuals such as Bill Clinton.  As a proud conservative I am happy to … Continue reading

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I do not deficit spend and I’m fine. How about you?

One of the more amazing things I witness in life is people who spend using credit cards that cost the individual sometimes as much as 23% or more interest.  Many people will quickly run a balance to say $10,000, pay … Continue reading

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America: A Fragile Democracy

This post has not come to pass because I am predicting or advocating civil war in America. However, America today exists in the form of the most unstable democracy this nation has seen since 1860. Rather than civil war, we … Continue reading

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It predated HUD; it housed Evil too.


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My Post to Today

I had a very interesting conversation this AM with a group that is looking to find products tha sell well in our current economy.  As part of that conversation we all generally agreed that America is a nation that is … Continue reading

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Building A Nation v. Destroying A Nation

Building a nation …… Destroying a nation …….

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