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America: A Nation Less Reality

I believe there is a psychiatric diagnosis that applies to those in the United states who champion the taxpayer paying for all sorts of social benefit yet do not see the reality that such programs cannot be sustained by a … Continue reading

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Being White in Philly

The article below was published in Philladelphia  Magazine and published to the web on March 1, 2013.  The article became a lightening rod within Philly’s black community effusing a torrent of animosity and hate that African-Americans claim lies only in … Continue reading

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It is a matter of choice.

By Scott WalkerWisconsin governor December 6, 2013 Hey Illinois, imagine for a moment a different future for your state — one in which your budget deficit becomes a massive surplus, your pensions are fully funded instead of facing insolvency, your … Continue reading

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The Zimmerman Trial has Brought Light to Building Racism in America, but not in the way you think.

cj — From Radio 790 AM.  This opinion was published prior to the verdict in the Zimmerman trial. What I have seen exploding all over the internet, wither it be twitter or blogs or even news stories are people assuming … Continue reading

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A Repost from My Old Homeland “The South”

cj — The TSPLOST vote failed of course, but I ran across this and thought it worth posting as it is such a great story about Black Racist. By Michael Thompson On July 31, [2012] residents of 10 metro Atlanta counties … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

cj — I am going to copy a quote in that uses a term that is very offensive to many.  The word is “Nigger.”  This is a term to me that does not refer to a specific race but to … Continue reading

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America had a Nazi leader. His name was George Bush

America continues to have a Nazi leader.  His name is Barack Obama. An article below from the Washington Post. _________________________________________________ German leader calls Obama about alleged cellphone tapping BERLIN — Furious German officials said Wednesday that U.S. intelligence agencies may … Continue reading

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