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Liberal Myths (Often Shared by Liberal Repulicans)

A speaker at a local function up in Georgia began his speech with a story from Alice in Wonderland, modified to portray a sort of every day America.  His story, perhaps a parable, might shed some light on why Jesus … Continue reading

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If it means losing to Obama, we must destroy the Republican Establishment represented by Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is at a minimum Obama-lite.  Those that are within our ranks, ranks that claim conservatism yet practice otherwise, must be purged from the party’s ranks and pushed where they belong:  with Democrats.  Obama we know.  I’ll take him … Continue reading

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Taxed in MA for being just alive under RomneyBama Healthcare

George Soros, for those who may or may not be familiar with the name, is a bold advocate of communism and marxism, a convicted international felon, a world currency manipulator, an outspoken anti-American, one of the world’s richest hedge fund … Continue reading

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Republican Primary After Florida

I am making sure this day that both Ron Paul and Rick Santorum have the financial capability via the PACS to continue the race until Republicans hit the convention.  It is supremely important that these campaigns and the Gingrich campaign also have … Continue reading

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