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They call this a McMansion……

Gross!!!! No wonder so many are vacant.  Now on the other hand, this is more to my liking….

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The Efficient Home in Today’s Obama World

Politics.  Yes, politics effect our lives.  The soon to be out-of-office — I hope — Barack Obama has designs to prevent you from using fossil fuels to heat your home.  The current low natural gas prices (though delivery of that … Continue reading

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A Man’s Dream

It has been, I don’t know, perhaps 7 or 8 years ago that David Marc Loftus passed away.  David was an extradinary individual whose imagination and skill created beauty in modern homes that reflected a timeless classicism. Below is an example. … Continue reading

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My Waste of Real Estate

Lol.  Perhaps few understand that one can “waste” real estate.  I acquired a new piece of property late last week and unfortunately housing on the property is old, dilapidated, and in need of demolition.  Being a fan of architecture — … Continue reading

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