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Diversity Prevails

We have always known that Liberal Universities, well one might as well say all universities, give preference to blacks in admissions.  The current theme from the university crowd is to also include hispanics.  If you are white or asian, tough … Continue reading

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Today We Began Obama’s Work for Him

I have amazed several of my friends in the last few days by stating to them “I will vote for Barack Obama before I will Mitt Romney.”  For those in my private life who know me well, they would say … Continue reading

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conservativejock: Thoughts on capital formation

At the core of my belief in Capitalism sits the history of a company that began operations in 1888 and did not borrow money either from banks or through issuance of bonds or notes until the business was 102 years … Continue reading

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Bain Capital

I had promised a member that I would review the history of Bain Capital and post information to this blog.  Knowing myself rather well, I suspect this is a post that will first grow, then contract, and ultimately rest … Continue reading

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