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Michael Brown and Liberal Witnesses

Comments on the St. Louis County Grand Jury Transcripts: Reading the witness interviews provides a revealing window into the grand jury’s investigation. What could a witness see while positioned a “few blocks” away from the incident, as in the case … Continue reading

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Three Trees and St. Louis (and other) Clergy

One of my more often listened to songs in recent days has the words, “He who lives in me is stronger than he who is in the world.”  This is however what clergy who assembled in St. Louis, Missouri today … Continue reading

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A Repost from My Old Homeland “The South”

cj — The TSPLOST vote failed of course, but I ran across this and thought it worth posting as it is such a great story about Black Racist. By Michael Thompson On July 31, [2012] residents of 10 metro Atlanta counties … Continue reading

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A Missed Opportunity in Liberal Racist Land Today: They just need a bottle of shoe polish and some bleach, a la Michael Jackson.

It seems Chris Lane, a white Australian, was gun downed by three bored adventuresome young black kids in Duncan, Oklahoma.  What a shame Lane was not black and the three thugs white.  Al and Jesse would have something new to … Continue reading

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Black Folk, Angela Corey, and Staged Performances (Trayvon Martin)

Initially in the efforts of “Black America” to have yet another show as to how bad White America is, we were led to believe Trayvon Martin was a mere baby of a child and his ‘girlfriend was, after all, an innocent … Continue reading

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Don’t Take a Banana From a Chimp

(CBS) – In the months after Florida neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin while he walked home from a convenience store, the national conversation turned to whether laws allowing armed citizens to “stand your ground” against … Continue reading

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Dealing with Affirmative Action Co-workers

I am extraordinarily limited in my first hand experience with Affirmative Action coworkers as for 99% of my working life I have had zero Affirmative Action coworkers.  Where I am touched by the influence of Affirmative Action (AA) hires is … Continue reading

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