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Three Trees and St. Louis (and other) Clergy

One of my more often listened to songs in recent days has the words, “He who lives in me is stronger than he who is in the world.”  This is however what clergy who assembled in St. Louis, Missouri today … Continue reading

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The Conflict Within Themselves: Black America

cj — And blacks wonder that by age 18 a police officer might find it necessary to shoot the young thug.  Don’t worry, this will not be the child’s last incarceration. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette PITTSBURGH — A 6-year-old boy who police … Continue reading

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A Missed Opportunity in Liberal Racist Land Today: They just need a bottle of shoe polish and some bleach, a la Michael Jackson.

It seems Chris Lane, a white Australian, was gun downed by three bored adventuresome young black kids in Duncan, Oklahoma.  What a shame Lane was not black and the three thugs white.  Al and Jesse would have something new to … Continue reading

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This is not a gun problem; This is a problem with a certain class of people.

Chicago’s deadly day: Shootings kill 7, wound 6 CHICAGO  Chicago authorities say seven people were killed and six wounded in gun violence in one day. Among those killed Saturday was a 34-year-old man whose mother had already lost her three … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Supports Thugs Like This.

Barack Obama wants to protect the poor black man who broke in on this lady. Barack Obama is one and the same.

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One Damn Lucky Convict

First, a word from cj.  The woman who shot the Child of Obama below seriously needs praise and gun training.  She and her husband in fact.  Everyone knows a full-grown buck in the prime of his rut is an animal … Continue reading

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News from My Old Home Front: Infant Ingests Cocaine

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — Palmetto police are searching for a grandmother and her boyfriend after the woman’s 13-month-old grandson was brought to a nearby hospital after ingesting cocaine. Authorities said the baby was brought to Piedmont Newnan Hospital and then … Continue reading

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News From Philly

Woman raped during 5-hour ordeal in her car; 3 arrested A YOUNG woman’s Christmas – and her life – was shattered Tuesday when she was kidnapped, raped, robbed and beaten in her own car by three teenagers over five hours, … Continue reading

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Sam Hose Execution Site Being Paved Over

Sam Hose (circa 1875 – April 23, 1899) was an African-American worker who was tortured and executed by a lynch mob in Coweta County, Georgia Sam Hose, a.k.a. Sam Holt, was born Tom Wilkes in south Georgia near  Marshallville around 1875. … Continue reading

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White Mississippi State Student Shot by Black Robber on Campus

cj — I loudly applaud KTRH radio for being blunt and not ‘Liberally Correct’ in its’ reporting of this story.    March 25, 2012 10:37:27 AM UPDATE: An arrest has been made.  PREVIOUSLY: A student was shot to death at … Continue reading

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