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I’m headed back into Switzerland in a few days after standing in for a partner who wanted to attend the Davos conference this year. While scanning through articles received from my clipping service (electronic these days of course) I noticed … Continue reading

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Democracy is Often Doomed Because of the Stupidity of Its’ Participants

MADRID—Spain’s Budget Minister Cristobal Montoro on Tuesday urged euro-zone partners to act faster to help support its enfeebled banks, saying that the government has effectively lost access to capital markets because of steep risk premiums demanded by sovereign bond investors. … Continue reading

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Good Morning From Florida

I ran across a little article in Baron’s this morning that gives an opinion of how we 0.1 percenters spend money.  If they only knew the truth!!  Lol.  Perhaps I should invite a Baron’s reporter along for a year in … Continue reading

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Crime in Your Neighborhood

I have sold my oceanfront Florida home but retained a home in a secure community in Florida.  This had been a long time coming.  As most of you probably know, almost all of the beaches in Florida are publicy accessible.  … Continue reading

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Future Leaders Symposium

I have found myself questioning why I post some things to this blog.  This is one of those posts I question.  I question this post because I do wonder whether there is any value to it to my readers.  I … Continue reading

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Russian Crude and Gas Production/Investment in Oil/Dakota Oil Production

Those who know me personally know I’m a fighter.  One of my continuing fights is with Liberals.  I’m well armed.  Sometimes profits align with political goals.

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Warren Buffet Old?

There was a little blurb in the financial papers this AM that Warren Buffet had announced to the world his dislike for gold.  I can only assume that is because Mr. Buffets empire does not own gold mining operations.   Lord … Continue reading

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