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Disarmed Zones

The first few zones within America to be disarmed include New York State, Delaware, and Maryland. No surprise here. Maryland is the only state with significant presence of U.S. troops. Interestingly, Jeff Quinn, of fame resides in Maryland. The … Continue reading

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Re-directing Corporate Cashflow

It should come as no surprise to the lay person as well as professionally trained business personnel that publicly traded U.S. companies have been in preparation for Obamacare on many fronts.  On Thursday we will see a historic ruling for the better or … Continue reading

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DDupleks: An elegant round for carnage

I was a member of the Boy Scouts of America until I entered college. At age fourteen I earned the rank of Eagle Scout.  I honestly do not believe it my nature to “be prepared” came solely from my association … Continue reading

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A Personal Perspective: Borrowing

First let me give you a common definition and example of self-liquidating debt or a self-liquidating loan. Self-liquidating debt represents borrowing that will boost economic activity and therefore will stand an excellent chance of ‘paying itself back.’ The simplest example would … Continue reading

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Events are at play one would never consider.

The image below is of graffiti referring to Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman.  It was spray-painted on the side of Ohio State University’s Frank W. Hale Jr. Black Cultural Center. This is unfortunate.  I am sincere in that statement.  It is … Continue reading

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Miami Crime Map from 3/31/2012 to 4/9/2012

Were you to contact a real estate agent, locate property, and inquire of the agent how many crimes had been committed within a 10 mile radius of the property in the last 10 days, the agent could not provide you that … Continue reading

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Representative Betty Reed of Tampa

            As you would expect.  This woman does not want anyone who can legally carry a weapon to be able to do so.  While she does not even attempt to pass legislation to empower law enforcement to … Continue reading

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