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Fury Yet to be Felt: The Collapse of Liberal America

On any given day across America there are hundreds if not thousands of acts of larceny, the unlawful taking of the personal property of another person, armed robberies, drive-by shootings, and myriad other crimes including assaults, stabbings, flash mobs, and … Continue reading

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The West in Diminished Form

Analytical reports and other data coming in related to the European economy continue to look promising. I think we have reached the point that a shared banking system, where strong economies carry the burden of “stupidity in lending” of the … Continue reading

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You know you are old when the politics of the land influence you more than the view.

I receive so many flyers and real estate junk in my snail mail a via e-mail that at times I just simply file it in the round file drawer.  Lol.  No, I am not going to support the Italians in their … Continue reading

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