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Dark Ages II

“Don’t worry, these dark ages will not be as difficult as those in the past, we will care for you.”  — Spoken by a Liberal in government in a rare moment of “lie-beral honesty” who believes he is God and … Continue reading

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(Haushalte mit niedrigem Arbeitsintensität) Households with Low Work Intensity

I really love the title of this post. I first heard the phrase “Haushalte mit niedrigem Arbeitsintensität” in Austria. Austria, a country that is not known for “Political Correctness,” describes households in poverty as households with low work intensity.  It is the … Continue reading

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From the blog: La Griffe du Lion (

THE POLITICS OF MENTAL RETARDATION:  A TAIL OF THE BELL CURVE Political movements have victims, and the cause of diversity is no exception. Whites, Asians and males are all casualties of the diversicrat, but his most deplorable incivility makes victims … Continue reading

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