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The View From Europe

I have found that long tiring weeks tend to remove one’s ability to focus clearly but often allow words to spill forth that need to be stated as they otherwise would be held in check. This, what I hope to be short blurb, … Continue reading

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cj — Having been associated with a rather significant automobile company for longer than I care to remember through family ownership in the business I found this interesting on two fronts.  First, it is auto related.  Second, the nation of … Continue reading

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You can’t find a speechless Liberal.

Hell, they will drool and babble in a last effort attempt to speak the last word. Such is not the case when it comes to Computational Genomics.  This could be caused by the fact that Liberals know nothing of computation.  … Continue reading

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News for the Empty Room

  A Fitch Ratings executive said Thursday that the firm would likely downgrade U.S. debt if the federal government does not get its fiscal house in order. Speaking at the firm’s global banking conference in New York, Fitch sovereign group … Continue reading

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Socialist Logic

We all know that Socialists are the most intelligent of people who inhabit the earth, why just look at President Barack Obama, who possesses an amazing intelligence.  God placed Mr. Obama on a time-line knowing he would forever change America … Continue reading

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