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Hybridization of Mankind

For some people confusion overwhelms them when another states they simply don’t give a damn what objectors have to say.  This cuts across all political landscapes as well as the entire social landscape including religion.  As Gene Roddenberry would have said, “to … Continue reading

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Pandora’s Box: Arrival of Pandora I

In the East in the quiet hours before sunrise Pandora’s Box was opened at a weight of 8 pounds 4 ounces. What the weak have always feared has come true. The world has just shifted awaiting Pandora II.

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Computational DNA Profiling and Molecular Genetic Engineering

There are those who so completely dismiss genetic variation that induces significant differences in individuals, particularly between the traditional races, that not only would they rail at DNA profiling, but they would deny individuals with serious illness the result such … Continue reading

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CNS Alleles

An Allele is DNA that is one of two or more forms of a gene.  It may also be a genetic ‘locus’ comprised of several genes.  This is not uncommon knowledge.  However, for all of the commonality humans supposedly share … Continue reading

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HIV: The Workhorse

Every American has heard of HIV, unless they are juveniles or perhaps suffering from some mental incapacity.  There are two species of HIV:  HIV-1 and HIV-2, which is primarily confined to West Africa.  HIV-2 is believed to have originated in in the … Continue reading

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Correct Taxonomy

Homo sapiens eurasianensis Homo sapiens africanus Homo sapiens africanus X eurasianensis (Barack Obama)

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Man and Man or Ape and Ape, Oh My!!

           We no longer need to rely on morphology, to distinguish between different species. DNA analyses can be used to determine the genetic difference between populations, a better way to classify species. While this has not yet been done, a less … Continue reading

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