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The look was described as “ghetto.”

James Dean may have been many things but he was nor “ghetto.” It is possible that James Dean had what is called a “unibrow” prior to trimming, but ghetto he was not.  The modern expectation perhaps looks more like this:  … Continue reading

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Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri

While it is easy to chart the history of Ferguson, Missouri over the last three to four years and determine that the 53 officers in the Ferguson Police Department have performed commendably in brining down the crime rate as the … Continue reading

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Thugs On The March — Re-blogged from DNA Wars

Republican candidates have fallen into a trap. Obama is to race-bating what Lee Altwater was to dog-whistle politics. The president says his son has just been shot for being a typical nigger thug.  Santorum and Gingrich better be prepared to … Continue reading

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The EBT Card Lesson at WalMart

cj — From Most people who live off the government have no concept of private property. They literally do not believe that stealing large quantities of food from someone else is morally wrong. In fact, they believe that YOUR … Continue reading

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Obama – more section 8; move poor (and crime) into more affluent areas

cj — A friend asked me while visting the U.S. why I had left America and moved to Switzerland.  This is one of the many reasons why. ** Section 8 rental subsidies have long been one of the most controversial … Continue reading

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Obama’s World

When Chicago closed 50 schools last spring to save money, the closures immediately drew protests that children would be forced to cross gang boundaries to get to new schools. But the closures have also stirred worries among the thousands of … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Defense Receives Trayvon Martin’s School Records

This is old news by this date folks.  What I have learned through the grape vine however is that the locals down in Miami are believed, a la test cheating in Atlanta where black youth are involved, to have “removed” and tampered … Continue reading

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A Time Magazine Report of Monday, Apr. 21, 1958

National Affairs: THE NEGRO CRIME RATE: A FAILURE IN INTEGRATION THEY are afraid to say so in public, but many of the North’s big-city mayors groan in private that their biggest and most worrisome problem is the crime rate among … Continue reading

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Teed off: Golf star Phil Mickelson may bolt California over taxes

For golf legend Phil Mickelson, the low 60s makes for a great score on the links — and a lousy tax rate in his home state of California. Mickelson said “drastic changes” are ahead for him due to federal and … Continue reading

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A Truly Amazing Premise

A good friend passed to me today a rather lengthy document whose central premise was that zero-tolerance of violent behavior policies in private schools was discriminatory towards minority students. The author constructed one of the most sound arguments I have … Continue reading

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