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Conservativejock General Comments and Update

The last two weeks have been so incredibly busy that I have not had time to edit and complete the article I began on Manufacturing Execution Systems used in auto assembly plants. No big deal I suppose, as there are … Continue reading

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Life’s Lifeline: The Liberal Threat to Life Itself

A thought that began to form in my mind some 40 years ago has crystallized into truth.  At one point in my ‘high school career,’ a liberal state senator by the name of Joan Smith (name changed folks in order … Continue reading

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We Persevere

It has been so many years since my family and our global business organization began offshoring manufacturing from the U.S. that I simply no longer think of the many issues that fed into the decision that initiated offshoring.  Today’s cartoon … Continue reading

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Eurozone unemployment hit a record in March, with Spain’s 24.1% rate setting the pace.

“Who wudda ever thunk.”  Spain, whose greatest focus is on social welfare, men marrying men, women marrying women, dogs marrying cats, and defending the State from those “Evil Christians” has an unemployment rate of 24.1 percent.  We all know of … Continue reading

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