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Dark Ages II

“Don’t worry, these dark ages will not be as difficult as those in the past, we will care for you.”  — Spoken by a Liberal in government in a rare moment of “lie-beral honesty” who believes he is God and … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Defense Receives Trayvon Martin’s School Records

This is old news by this date folks.  What I have learned through the grape vine however is that the locals down in Miami are believed, a la test cheating in Atlanta where black youth are involved, to have “removed” and tampered … Continue reading

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The Tales of Jo Jo: Episode One

Jo Jo is now five. He does not know his mother. Shortly after his birth she was arrested for burglary. In the ‘no-time to serve’ penal system, she was soon released and subsequently arrested for prostitution.  Two more burglary arrests … Continue reading

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A Time Magazine Report of Monday, Apr. 21, 1958

National Affairs: THE NEGRO CRIME RATE: A FAILURE IN INTEGRATION THEY are afraid to say so in public, but many of the North’s big-city mayors groan in private that their biggest and most worrisome problem is the crime rate among … Continue reading

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A Truly Amazing Premise

A good friend passed to me today a rather lengthy document whose central premise was that zero-tolerance of violent behavior policies in private schools was discriminatory towards minority students. The author constructed one of the most sound arguments I have … Continue reading

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No, not Detroit

While the home above is in decay, the surroundings are too neatly kept for this to be Detroit.  Note the one paper cup laying in the grass about 1/2 way across the frame.  There is a smaller object in the very … Continue reading

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The 2012 Body Count

As of 12/13/2012 Chicago: 484 [CJ:  There are plenty of handguns in Chicago, even though not one has been legally purchased in the city in decades.] Detroit: 365 NYC: 376 Ah, yes, the Annointed One: Barry O., is going to … Continue reading

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