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Jesse Lee Petersen on Michael Brown

The violent reactions and unseemly activities over the shooting death of Michael Brown are, in many ways, uncannily similar to the response after Trayvon Martin’s death. Over the past week we’ve been led to believe that 18-year-old Michael Brown, like … Continue reading

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Darren Wilson Supporters

I am pleased to find that support for Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson is growing at a tremendous pace in comparison to the pace it grew in the support of George Zimmerman.  Don’t let anyone kid you.  America’s liberal … Continue reading

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I stopped watching TV a long time ago because is so damn politically correct, but guess what?

DALLAS IS BACK!!!!!  Hot damn.  REAL American TV is back such that we folks who extend our lives into the fabulously rich world of the Ewings — because we can afford to do so — might just pull up a … Continue reading

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I must be carefuol, liberal economist at Georgetown can read my mind. Lol.

New study says $2 trillion corporate cash hoard not Obama’s fault From Fortune: Fortune — About a year or so ago, corporate balance sheets, for some, became exhibit No. 1 of how President Obama was killing the recovery. The argument … Continue reading

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Liberal Myths (Often Shared by Liberal Repulicans)

A speaker at a local function up in Georgia began his speech with a story from Alice in Wonderland, modified to portray a sort of every day America.  His story, perhaps a parable, might shed some light on why Jesus … Continue reading

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NBC News Correspondent Fired Over A Second George Zimmerman 911 Tape Edit: Hey, if you are liberal, just lie.

From Last week, we reported that NBC Miami reporter Jeff Burnside became the second NBC producer to be fired over a misleading edit to Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman‘s 911 call that made it into several Today Show broadcasts. … Continue reading

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