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Problem with Liberalism Personified

The text below is copied from a post.  The text in Italics was a response to the origin thread post of a video showing Christmas lights used at a home.  The display likely cost $1,000 or more to purchase. … Continue reading

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These Will Be Times Remembered

I so often laugh at liberals that I no longer recall individual events that sparked my laughter. You take these times. Liberals are moving America to a time when there will be few active police forces and those that do … Continue reading

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Jesse Lee Petersen on Michael Brown

The violent reactions and unseemly activities over the shooting death of Michael Brown are, in many ways, uncannily similar to the response after Trayvon Martin’s death. Over the past week we’ve been led to believe that 18-year-old Michael Brown, like … Continue reading

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In the heart of every Socialist (American Neo-Liberal, aka Barack Obama) lies a boiling desire for revolution.  Americans saw it on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri where armed criminal revolutionaries boiled forth from peaceful demonstrations. Don’t kid yourself that those … Continue reading

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We can’t have this ….

“We can’t have this,” said Capt. Ronald S. Johnson, the Highway Patrol official, who stood near a table that held two guns and a Molotov cocktail that had been seized. “We do not want to lose another life.”  There must … Continue reading

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Darren Wilson Supporters

I am pleased to find that support for Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson is growing at a tremendous pace in comparison to the pace it grew in the support of George Zimmerman.  Don’t let anyone kid you.  America’s liberal … Continue reading

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Reverse Discrimination or Reverse Racism

Perhaps I am becoming old and addled, well out of my prime and with no correct opinion of anything anymore, but in discussion with a long-time friend today, the term “reverse racism” finally settled into my mind as the true … Continue reading

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