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Committing Suicide

It occurred to me today after listening to a sermon of a German minister who has worked across the globe to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ that what many Liberals truly believe in is that you as an individual … Continue reading

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Don’t mess with Texas: Home intruder shot & killed; criminal’s family thinks he should have been warned

Under the Castle Doctrine, a TX homeowner legally shot & killed a home invader. Despite his 18-page wrap sheet, the criminal’s family thinks he should have been warned. “He could have gave him a warning,” One family member told reporters … Continue reading

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Sublime Evil

I did not fully realize until this week, what sublime evil drives the liberal mind.  That realization came from a very unexpected place.  One of which I have posted this week, namely, the American Cancer Society. Within that organization live … Continue reading

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A Missed Opportunity in Liberal Racist Land Today: They just need a bottle of shoe polish and some bleach, a la Michael Jackson.

It seems Chris Lane, a white Australian, was gun downed by three bored adventuresome young black kids in Duncan, Oklahoma.  What a shame Lane was not black and the three thugs white.  Al and Jesse would have something new to … Continue reading

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The Latest Liberal Fairy Tale for Liberal Children

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Disarmed Zones

The first few zones within America to be disarmed include New York State, Delaware, and Maryland. No surprise here. Maryland is the only state with significant presence of U.S. troops. Interestingly, Jeff Quinn, of fame resides in Maryland. The … Continue reading

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For Liberals to Prevail, They Must Destroy All Individual Innitiative

Liberals are of the School of Socialist Thought.  They are no different than Lenin.  No different than Mussolini.  No different than all the failed dictatorships that have passed across the face of this earth.  Evil is a powerful force in this world.  … Continue reading

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