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Michael Brown and Liberal Witnesses

Comments on the St. Louis County Grand Jury Transcripts: Reading the witness interviews provides a revealing window into the grand jury’s investigation. What could a witness see while positioned a “few blocks” away from the incident, as in the case … Continue reading

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Obama – more section 8; move poor (and crime) into more affluent areas

cj — A friend asked me while visting the U.S. why I had left America and moved to Switzerland.  This is one of the many reasons why. ** Section 8 rental subsidies have long been one of the most controversial … Continue reading

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Liberals are born with a constant itch at an undisclosed location of their anatomy.

I have had the opportunity to relax in a decent hotel this afternoon and spend time on my favorite Libtard site otherwise known as laughing my ass off at the stupid liberal crowd.  They are just in a tizzie that PimpDaddy Obama … Continue reading

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Building A Nation v. Destroying A Nation

Building a nation …… Destroying a nation …….

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We maintained only one powerful weapon in Arizona’s immigration law.  The ability for law enforcement to check immigration status of individuals in Arizona.  The Arizona border is so porous, due to Liberal crime originating in Washington D.C., that the flow … Continue reading

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Those Intelligent Liberals

A zebra doesn’t change its spots. Al Gore, AKA Stupid Liberal I inserted the photo below so Liberals would know what a zebra looks like. First Bush cut taxes for the rich and the economy has rebounded with new record … Continue reading

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The Social Contract: The Individual vs. The Community

After the first dozen or so pages, with many of these being introductions and additions by others, Jean Jacques Rousseau defines the Social contract in this way: “These clauses [of the Social Contract], properly understood, may be reduced to one … Continue reading

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Liberal Success

It takes a high-profile person to bring some conversations to the fore, in this case Eduardo Saverin, a cofounder of FaceBook, renouncing U.S. citizenship and packing all his cash off to Singapore.  My congratulations to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama … Continue reading

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Perhaps there is a reason why Liberals (and the criminals they protect) are anti-gun.

I could not help but laugh when a friend I’ve known for many years came to lunch today and stated he knew of a solution to crime in cities such as Miami, Atlanta, or even St. Louis.  His solution is … Continue reading

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Science and Liberals

I’m about to host three individuals that I guarantee you are liberals. I agreed to host them for 45 minutes in response to a request from a civic leader to “hear them out” on their request for dollars from a … Continue reading

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