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Liberal Success

It takes a high-profile person to bring some conversations to the fore, in this case Eduardo Saverin, a cofounder of FaceBook, renouncing U.S. citizenship and packing all his cash off to Singapore.  My congratulations to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama … Continue reading

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Perhaps there is a reason why Liberals (and the criminals they protect) are anti-gun.

I could not help but laugh when a friend I’ve known for many years came to lunch today and stated he knew of a solution to crime in cities such as Miami, Atlanta, or even St. Louis.  His solution is … Continue reading

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Science and Liberals

I’m about to host three individuals that I guarantee you are liberals. I agreed to host them for 45 minutes in response to a request from a civic leader to “hear them out” on their request for dollars from a … Continue reading

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The Many Facets of American Life

The photo below has ALWAYS made me chuckle.  To me, it so much represents Africans in America, though this photo was taken in some east African country.  Who do you think will win this argument?  Unfortunately — depending on one’s … Continue reading

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The Murder of a Blue State Director of Corrections

It has been many years since the news came.  A good man of incredible capability had been murdered while coming onto a portico from inside the State Corrections Offices.  He as Director of Corrections, managed correctional systems in a ‘Blue State,’ … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin — Self Defense Laws in Florida

In the huge uproar primarily pushed by African-Americans and their Liberal benefactors, i.e. Democrats who buy thier votes with tax dollars and ensure government gives preference to blacks in hiring, no-one has bothered to show any intelligent thought as to why … Continue reading

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ObamalamaDingDong is in Georgia today and that is useful.

I learned a long time ago that it is your enemies who desire to scam you.  I have set through some very interesting sessions with Liberals whose purpose was to scam me, yet they did not know that I knew … Continue reading

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