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Racist CJ returns, but the term applies: Dumb Niggers

cj — Ok, I’m foul-mouthed.  But I have zero patience for dumb niggers.  Since these two ‘no lifes’ could not drive a stick shift, perhaps President Hiz Honour Sheik King Emperor Obama I will find a tax in order to pay … Continue reading

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Only Liberals believe the real problem in this story is the gun…..

Teen shot to death on Lauderdale Lakes street in front of friend             A teenager was shot dead as he walked with a friend on a Lauderdale Lakes street. Cornelius Mitchell, 17, of Fort Lauderdale died at Broward Health Medical … Continue reading

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Who is the arrogant one?

The year 2012 has been the most entertaining year in regards to politics and social life I have seen in decades.  America, by only 3,000,000 votes of some 120,000,000 cast decided our Socialist In Chief Barack Obama deserved — or … Continue reading

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Medical Care

I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for almost 53 years.  I can write volumes related to healthcare not only in America, but in Europe and Asia as I have always been prone to tripping into DKA when any bacterial or … Continue reading

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That Poor Liberal Darling: How dare they keep their money.

Connecticutt Governor Dannel Malloy is learning you can’t always count on the rich. The Democrat last month deferred debt payments, trimmed programs and diverted funds as tax revenue came up short and opened a $200 million budget hole. The gap … Continue reading

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Why Have Employees When You Can Have Contractors?

Apparently I insulted a gentleman at lunch yesterday, someone I had never met and did not know until our lunch.  I’ll let you determine the nature of this person from my comments here, but based on my previous posts, it … Continue reading

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Liberal Success

It takes a high-profile person to bring some conversations to the fore, in this case Eduardo Saverin, a cofounder of FaceBook, renouncing U.S. citizenship and packing all his cash off to Singapore.  My congratulations to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama … Continue reading

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