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Uncomfirmed Michael Brown (Ferguson) Juvenile Criminal Record

It seems that the autopsy that was released to St. Louis media is not the only leak concerning Michael Brown.  From within the St. Louis County Juvenile Records Office it has been leaked that Michael Brown was charged as a … Continue reading

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I must be carefuol, liberal economist at Georgetown can read my mind. Lol.

New study says $2 trillion corporate cash hoard not Obama’s fault From Fortune: Fortune — About a year or so ago, corporate balance sheets, for some, became exhibit No. 1 of how President Obama was killing the recovery. The argument … Continue reading

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NBC News Correspondent Fired Over A Second George Zimmerman 911 Tape Edit: Hey, if you are liberal, just lie.

From Last week, we reported that NBC Miami reporter Jeff Burnside became the second NBC producer to be fired over a misleading edit to Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman‘s 911 call that made it into several Today Show broadcasts. … Continue reading

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A Personal Perspective: Borrowing

First let me give you a common definition and example of self-liquidating debt or a self-liquidating loan. Self-liquidating debt represents borrowing that will boost economic activity and therefore will stand an excellent chance of ‘paying itself back.’ The simplest example would … Continue reading

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Miami Crime Map from 3/31/2012 to 4/9/2012

Were you to contact a real estate agent, locate property, and inquire of the agent how many crimes had been committed within a 10 mile radius of the property in the last 10 days, the agent could not provide you that … Continue reading

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Today’s Cartoon

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ObamaCare — The Socialist Healthcare Plan

At this particular moment in American history — and we are making history folks — the real question is:  Is a Socialist Society compatible with the Constitution of the United States of America? This is Barack Obama’s challenge.  Not only … Continue reading

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A New Lie-beral Who Shall Remain Nameless

Joy, joy.  I have run into a new Lie-beral who responded to my many post of that illustrious well behaved Trayvon Martin.  She of course gathers her information on which to form her opinion in the Liberal press.  I on the other hand engage … Continue reading

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Good News: Trayvon Martin

Well, it took them a few days, but the Feds have now seated themselves with the orchestra and the first movement is about to begin.  The only thing I find of special interest in this is that the Florida Congressional … Continue reading

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Those RealJock Lib-tards

Yesterday I posted concerning the success of in regards to hits to the political forum.  No, I have not read any of the replies.  There have been 37 replies as of a few moments ago, the first of … Continue reading

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