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Racist CJ returns, but the term applies: Dumb Niggers

cj — Ok, I’m foul-mouthed.  But I have zero patience for dumb niggers.  Since these two ‘no lifes’ could not drive a stick shift, perhaps President Hiz Honour Sheik King Emperor Obama I will find a tax in order to pay … Continue reading

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Being nudged into comment by a fan.

Sometimes I can spring forth from my hibernation and respond to chastisement by one of my readers.  Even though I am enjoying my arrival in Thomasville, Georgia here goes. My reader expressed dismay that I had not vocalized anger at … Continue reading

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Modern African Nation: this is what Barack Obama envisions for America.

– cj  Lifted from (Note:  I attempted to format this but remember we are delaing with a South African.) Travel tips: I recommend you buy your own car to get around. The public transport system is unreliable. There are … Continue reading

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These Post-Racial Integrated Times

“Integration: the interval between the first black moving in and the last white moving out.”  Mike Berman I’m not quite as racist as I sound.  I’m back in my home-town for a few days where I have a home in … Continue reading

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Ever Wonder Why Fine White Folks, Black Folks, and Yellow Folks Do Not Want to Be Around Niggas?

Grandmother, 50, beaten by stranger at Chuck E. Cheese  after ‘asking him to stop swearing’ at children’s party A grandmother was punched in the face and dragged around by her hair – after she asked fellow restaurant goers to stop … Continue reading

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