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Record Numbers in Poverty Under Obama

cj — I am happy to say that I can and do make good choices in life, including where I am domiciled.  The unemployment rate in my home country now stands at 3%.  So what is the problem with America?  … Continue reading

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Obama – more section 8; move poor (and crime) into more affluent areas

cj — A friend asked me while visting the U.S. why I had left America and moved to Switzerland.  This is one of the many reasons why. ** Section 8 rental subsidies have long been one of the most controversial … Continue reading

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Dark Ages II

“Don’t worry, these dark ages will not be as difficult as those in the past, we will care for you.”  — Spoken by a Liberal in government in a rare moment of “lie-beral honesty” who believes he is God and … Continue reading

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The Black Messiah

cj — One of the few conservative gay men who posts to the website created a post depicting the cover image of Newsweek shown below.  The poster had titled the thread “Our Lord And Savior Has Returned!”  I responded to … Continue reading

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Well the Obamanoid has unleashed his worst today.  I myself was hoping he would become a gun fancier and somehow have one of those unintended discharges in the Oval Office.  Once slime, always slime I say so we cannot hope … Continue reading

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Back to Clinton Era Taxes: What’s the big fuss?

Silly boys, that pair of guys we know as Harry and Barry.  The deal that was made in 2011 in regards to spedning cuts and taxes is about to come to pass.  Everyone is about to pay more in taxes … Continue reading

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Barack Obama’s Model for America

The model cherished by Barack Obama and Democrats is an elderly Hispanic or African lady who is drawing Social Security. This grandmother will have daughters in the household and if she fathered sons, they are in prison, dead, or out … Continue reading

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A Photo for All Time

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Photo of the Day: The Affirmative Action Prodigy

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Socialism, that so loved by Barack Obama and Liberals

Layoffs at Peugeot Signal France’s Deepening Problems A bug-eyed little car known as the deux-chevaux (meaning two-horsepower) was an icon of the French car industry for more than four decades. Now PSA Peugeot Citroen, whose Citroen unit produced the deux-chevaux … Continue reading

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