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A Photo for All Time


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Photo of the Day: The Affirmative Action Prodigy

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Socialism, that so loved by Barack Obama and Liberals

Layoffs at Peugeot Signal France’s Deepening Problems A bug-eyed little car known as the deux-chevaux (meaning two-horsepower) was an icon of the French car industry for more than four decades. Now PSA Peugeot Citroen, whose Citroen unit produced the deux-chevaux … Continue reading

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Modern African Nation: this is what Barack Obama envisions for America.

– cj  Lifted from (Note:  I attempted to format this but remember we are delaing with a South African.) Travel tips: I recommend you buy your own car to get around. The public transport system is unreliable. There are … Continue reading

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ObamaLamaDingDong at His Best

Crossroads has out a new video today. We must accept the fact that an 8.2% unemployment rate is here to stay as long as one Barack Oabama sits in the White House. I in fact, expect the July unemplyment rate … Continue reading

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Holder: An African-American First and Another First

Eric Holder, Homo sapiens Africanus, the Black Attorney General.  He may very well be the first U.S. Attorney General to have Congress vote and find him in Contempt of Congress.  Would you be surprised?  Americans — except for Liberals — … Continue reading

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Re-directing Corporate Cashflow

It should come as no surprise to the lay person as well as professionally trained business personnel that publicly traded U.S. companies have been in preparation for Obamacare on many fronts.  On Thursday we will see a historic ruling for the better or … Continue reading

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