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June 24, 2014: My Absence from Conservativejock

It has been perhaps nine months to one year since I have logged into Conservativejock to create a post.  I suppose I could look at my posting history to validate that, but it seems to me that is more-or-less correct.  … Continue reading

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From John Hayward

“Assault rifle” saves teenagers from home invasion burglars No sooner do I finish explaining to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo why people might need 10 bullets for something other than blowing away deer, than the headlines burst with an example, … Continue reading

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Lasting Change

If you are a conservative, would you pay for lasting change in America?  Would you pay to ensure that the Socialist mentality that Democrats have held for decades — and just in the last 3 years shown for what it … Continue reading

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The Non-politically Correct Genetics Wiki

Being an individual trained in the sciences I often regurgitate when seeing the heavy hand of liberal politics affecting the sciences and scientific research.  This is the product of a battle I first saw as an undergrad, where the folks … Continue reading

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Romney Wins in 2012 56% to 44%

That is the general vote mind you. You have heard this news first here.  

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Liberal Myths (Often Shared by Liberal Repulicans)

A speaker at a local function up in Georgia began his speech with a story from Alice in Wonderland, modified to portray a sort of every day America.  His story, perhaps a parable, might shed some light on why Jesus … Continue reading

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DDupleks: An elegant round for carnage

I was a member of the Boy Scouts of America until I entered college. At age fourteen I earned the rank of Eagle Scout.  I honestly do not believe it my nature to “be prepared” came solely from my association … Continue reading

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