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SpringField XDs Recall: the Road to Federal Court

cj — The comment below was posted on Originally Posted By Terelk74: I was in my LGS today and, while looking around, a Lt. I know from the local police department came in to do a serial # check … Continue reading

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From Europe: A perspective on U.S. gun and ammo sales.

Last year I made a major change in my life. Although I have held citizenship other than U.S. for decades, I reached the point that I felt I needed to completely offshore business operations and move to a friendlier clime. … Continue reading

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From John Hayward

“Assault rifle” saves teenagers from home invasion burglars No sooner do I finish explaining to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo why people might need 10 bullets for something other than blowing away deer, than the headlines burst with an example, … Continue reading

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The AR-15

Many will have arrived at this post who are simply seeking a definition of the term “AR-15.” For you, I have cited from Wikipedia the two italicized paragraphs below giving both definition and a snapshot history. The AR-15 as detailed … Continue reading

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