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There Were Four, Soon to be Six

I have not created any new postings to Conservativejock in some time now.  Truth is, I broke from my usual busy schedule to post because today is a very blessed day.  It is a day that Good should be proud … Continue reading

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Is Racism and Sexism Real?

You better believe racism and sexism is real.  I recently heard a fair white red headed female employee of the Provost’s Office of a major U.S. University shriek that she was considering leaving the Provost’s Office because “they had recently … Continue reading

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Death at the hands of police

In 2013 there were 461 people killed by police.  Of these, only 96 were killed by “white” police officers. It seems that back-folk killing black-folk may very well extend to local police forces.  Also be aware that many Hispanic police … Continue reading

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Reverse Discrimination or Reverse Racism

Perhaps I am becoming old and addled, well out of my prime and with no correct opinion of anything anymore, but in discussion with a long-time friend today, the term “reverse racism” finally settled into my mind as the true … Continue reading

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Georgian Fossils

I ran across an article that stated that, “A haul of fossils found in Georgia suggests that half a dozen species of early human ancestor were actually all Homo erectus. It further states, “The latest fossil is the only intact … Continue reading

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These Post-Racial Integrated Times

“Integration: the interval between the first black moving in and the last white moving out.”  Mike Berman I’m not quite as racist as I sound.  I’m back in my home-town for a few days where I have a home in … Continue reading

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