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Woman who became world’s oldest doctor dies at 114

The AJC — ATLANTA — Dr. Leila Denmark, the world’s oldest practicing physician when she retired at age 103, died Sunday in Athens, her family members said. She was 114. Denmark became the first resident physician at Henrietta Egleston Hospital … Continue reading

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Model Georgia Citizen in the Metro

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Trayvon Martin — Self Defense Laws in Florida

In the huge uproar primarily pushed by African-Americans and their Liberal benefactors, i.e. Democrats who buy thier votes with tax dollars and ensure government gives preference to blacks in hiring, no-one has bothered to show any intelligent thought as to why … Continue reading

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ObamalamaDingDong is in Georgia today and that is useful.

I learned a long time ago that it is your enemies who desire to scam you.  I have set through some very interesting sessions with Liberals whose purpose was to scam me, yet they did not know that I knew … Continue reading

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A Few on RealJock

A few guys on commented on my post of the home for sale in North Fulton that has both a baseball diamond and a football field.  After a careful look I just do not like the home.  The build … Continue reading

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What is it with these homebuilders in Atlanta’s Sugarloaf Country Club?

They do not know how to build a luxury home if the Wicked Witch of the West dropped one on them for a first hand view.  One does not build a mansion using Hardi-Plank. Pretenders all.

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